Best practices for making a second version of the same experiment

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About 2 weeks ago, I wanted to make a new version of “emotionbox” called “emotionbox_v” with the same design, but different stimuli/responses. I opened a new version of builder and forked “emotionbox” to create a new project with a new root folder (“emotionbox_v”). Then I changed the stimulus and response elements and pushed the experiment to Pavlovia. A new Gitlab repository and corresponding experiment were created.

Today I went back to the old experiment “emotionbox” and piloted it. To my surprise all the changes that I had made in “emotionbox_v” were applied to “emotionbox”. I’m surprised because these experiments appear to belong to different Gitlab repositories.

I have successfully reverted “emotionbox” back to how I intended. Is there a way for me to create a new version of the experiment without starting from scratch, but ensuring that my old experiment won’t be affected? Thanks!

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Hi There,

This is indeed surprising! for some reason I get a 404 error when accessing your first link there - pleae can you confirm that project sitll exists?

Hi @Becca , thanks for taking a look. It looks like it still exists on my end!

Hi! Please can I check if it is public? still getting a 404 for me!


Hi @Becca , actually I see you’re right that it is private. When I try to change the visibility settings in Gitlab, the dropdown menu is greyed out and not clickable. Any idea how I can access that menu?

I guess this might be because the project that THIS one is forked from is set to “private”. Googling didn’t give me any good idea about how to fix this though.

I have added you in case that helps :woman_shrugging:

As an update I think I will try the solutions here Create new experiment from existing file - #4 by jon starting with solution (3) because I am not a very experienced git user.

It looks like option (1) in the linked options in my comment above seems to have worked just fine! I think where I went wrong is that I did not realize that I would need to delete the git folder to keep it from re-establishing the original folder as the root folder instead of the new root folder (I guess that’s what happened?).

Pleased to see you found your solution!