Error: "Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 1 commit"

URL of experiment: PropertyVerification_Unrelated_Control [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
Hi there,

I have been running the above experiment for several weeks with no problems. 2 weeks ago I created a new version of the same experiment. I created a new version because I wanted to run it with a new set of participants and redirect to a different Qualtrics questionnaire at the end.

I copied the previous PsychoPy experiment into a new folder on my desktop, changed the name and edited the experiment. I then created a new project on Pavlovia and uploaded the new experiment (PropertyVerification_Unrelated_Control [PsychoPy]).

The previous experiment now does not work correctly as I get this error at the end, and it does not redirect to the Qualtrics questionnaire:

I suppose the new experiment was linked with the old one and has written over the original, but I’m not sure how to detach them from each other. The original data that I collected is no longer available either. The “completed” count is higher than what I get when I download the data.

Could anyone help me understand how the two experiments are connected? How can I upload a new version of an experiment without it replacing the previous?

Thanks in advance.

When you copy local files to a new folder you need to delete the hidden .git folder (I also delete any other PsychoPy generated files just to be sure).

To retrieve the data you’ve lost you need to revert your online experiment to a previous commit, and then search for that experiment and sync it to a new folder.

Thank you so much!