Audio Materials

I want to present 100 audio samples randomly and rate them with 1-5. How could I achieve it? Help!

Audio also does not sound similar. How to solve this problem?

You can create an excel spreadsheet with the names of your audio files (and their extensions) and attach it to the loop that’s covering your routine that has the sound component. By the default, the loopType is random so your files will be presented randomly. As for the audio files sounding different, you can check if the sampling rate of the sound component is same as the sampling rate of your audio files.

Thanks, Sue! That’s what I have tried and works. I think PsychoPy has 480000 rate but my files has 202000. I don’t know how to change or set to match them, so the sound is still weird. Do you have a way to solve the problem?

I solved the problem by using Audacity to change audio sample rate from 220500Hz to 110250Hz. Then upload them to PsychoPy!

A new problem is that when I added keyboard for response, it showed Your system has run out of applicaton memory. I do not know why it need more than 50 G for application memory?

Could you lower your sampling rate to maybe 44000Hz? Or does your stimuli need them to be so high?

220500 Hz is the original rate. I changed it into 110250 Hz in Audacity which made it weird but when it is in PsychoPy, it return to normal. So the problem is solved by this way. Thanks!

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I tried it in my another laptop and it works after I released my storage with 70G available!

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It died again. And I found the real problem is “Caps Lock”. Turn it on or turn it off. Either will work!!!

How is that a problem?