Audio File Speeds Up in Builder

Mac OS version 12.6.3
PsychoPy version v.2023.2.3:
Standard Standalone? (yes)

Hello all,

I am trying to build an experiment in which users will listen to an audio file (an emotionally-charged story) and be subsequently prompted prompted to respond with how emotionally valent the story is via a visual analogue scale. The experiment will contain 36 audio stories total.

The experiment runs; however, the audio files are sped up and thus incomprehensible. Additionally, once run in psychopy, the audio file becomes corrupted on my desktop and sped up on my desktop. The only way to remedy the original speed is to restart my computer every time. I have tried converting to the following audio file formats: .aiff, .mp3, and .wav. Additionally, I have tried all psychopy audio library forms: ptb, pyo, sounddevice, and pygame.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!!

Hi there,

I’ve had a similar problem, although my original audio file did not change. What worked for me was changing the sampling rate of the audio. I think you can use any audio converter (I used Audacity) to change the sampling rate to 44.1kHz.