Sound quality is low for linguistic stimuli

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

OS : Win10
PsychoPy version : 2021.2.3
Standard Standalone?: yes
What are you trying to achieve?:

I have created my experiment using the builder. However, when I run my experiment locally the sound quality changes. I use sound stimuli for my experiment. Specifically, some sentences are uttered in the sound files. The sound changes when I run the experiment locally. This problem disappears when I run it online. The sound files are wav.

What did you try to make it work?:

A similar problem was present for purely instrumental stimuli. And I am concerned about whether this will affect the sound patterns without my awareness and I will get incorrect results. Does anyone know the reason and how to fix it?

Are you able to describe a little more how the sound changes? is it for example that it sounds higher pitched (indicating that the sampling frequency might be different?)


Thank you Becca. Yes, exactly. It sounds higher pitched. I have created the sounds on Audacity with a sampling rate of 44100 Hz. Do you think the problem is related to this?


Hi Aziz,

Ah ok yes that may be the issue. There is a solution that may help described here: Audio stimuli changed in pitch? - #11 by aeli

I believe that you may bee to resample your audio to be 48kz if possible?

Hope this helps,

Thank you Becca. I think I will try to change the settings.