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Anyone use Tobii EPU (X3-120) with MacOS?

Does anybody uses tobii X3-120 with EPU(External Processing Unit) in Mac environment with PsychoPy?

The PsychoPy experiment using tobiiresearch works weird in Mac OS.
Below are tested.
-tested with two X3-120 with EPU in two different Mac Pro with High Sierra (2x2 design…) and same issue.
-run same experiment with Tobii Pro Nano, Tobii Pro Fusion, 4C (All USB trackers, and all works fine).
-run simplified version of experiment with X3-120 with EPU in Windows (works).
-replace tobiiresearch to fresh downloaded 1.7, and 1.8 of Psychopy’s python library folder. (no change).

When EPU with X3-120 connected, everything works fine in Tobii Eyetracker manager (calibration, and gaze display for long time). Even calibration works properly by calling it inside PsychoPy.

However in actual experiment, after <.05 sec, the connection is lost and all nan gazes are subscribed. Also found the pause script for movie3 ‘fails’ after the point of gaze stream lose.

17.6841 EXP Failed Set tmstim_01 paused
17.6841 EXP Failed Set tmstim_03 paused
17.6841 EXP Failed Set tmstim_48_04 paused
17.6841 EXP Failed Set tmstim_48_05 paused
17.6841 EXP Failed Set tmstim_48_06 paused
17.6841 EXP Failed Set tmstim_07 paused
17.6841 EXP Failed Set tmstim_48_08 paused

So, I am suspicious about the asynchronous ‘subscription’ process.
Below attached the test code and recorded symptom.
Movie_Version_gazeonly.psyexp (33.7 KB)

OS Mac OS High Sierra
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): 2021.1.4
Standard Standalone? (y/n) If not then what?:y

replied to the github issue you posted here.

Thanks for kind reply.
But, the attached simple script freezes in the exactly same way. when executed with the StandAlone Runner. (988 Bytes)

The issue is (temporally)resolved to force downgrade tobii_research >1.6.2 .
Replacing the library with 1.6.1 makes the x3-120 works great.