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Animation visuals and audio running at different speeds

PsychoPy version: 3.0.2

Hi there, I am trying to show a series of animations in psychopy for a reaction time task.

I am really pleased because my animations are showing when I press run, but unfortunately only the audio is running at the correct pace.
I am using mp4 files.
I have used iMovie to match the individual visual frames with the audio. It is very important that the audio matches exactly with the frames in the way that I have designed.
The pace of the audio seems to be correct. But the pace of the visuals lags behind quite significantly.

I know you need to be careful with the format the audio is saved in for incorporating animations into psychopy. So is this a problem with the way I have saved the animations perhaps?

I am completely new to psychopy so am not sure where to begin to rectify this.


I’m still having issues with this. I can’t work out why the pace of the visual part of the animation is running so slow.
Has anyone had a similar problem before?

If I am not providing enough information here to solve the issue, please do let me know.


I solved my own problem on this. Although I had used HandBrake to convert the audio component of my animations from AAC to MP3, this didn’t work for all the animations and some animations were saved as MvP rather than MP4. I have since ensured all are converted properly and also made the animations appear as a smaller size on the screen, with the screen monitor button regarding full screen left unchecked.
It seems to work now for MOST animations.

I’ve now run into a new problem:
The audio part of the end of a small proportion of my animations (approx 7 out of 50 in total) is not working. It is skipping.

This is what the flow set-up looks like for my practice trial:

First participants see one animation:

After, they see 5 animations one by one in a random order:

Is there a way I can make the sound run smoothly in all of the animations?