Analyzing data from Pavlovia + Qualtrics with R?

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Hello! I am starting the process of analyzing my pilot data for my study. I used Qualtrics for the survey section, followed by a task on Pavlovia.

R is what I’m most familiar with for data analysis. The plan is to download all my data in csv format and analyze in Rstudio.

Qualtrics gives me one big sheet with all participants data, while Pavlovia gives me separate files for each participant. I set it up so that the Response ID generated by Qualtrics is carried over to Pavlovia. However, I’ve never analyzed data from two different sources like this.

I’m reaching out for general advice before I potentially waste time on a less-than-optimal method. I have read that it’s best to use Python for analysis, but I have almost no experience with it (besides what I learned in order to build the task) and don’t feel like I have time to learn the language when I already know R well.

Some more specific questions:

  • What would be the best method to combine participant data?
  • Should I import my Qualtrics data to Pavlovia like this page suggests? Pavlovia (I have no idea what a qsf file is)
  • Would it be quicker to use Python considering I barely know it at all? Would I need to download a platform like Anaconda for that?

TIA for any advice (:

What I do is summarise the PsychoPy data using Excel and SPSS and then use SPSS to combine the two files (Data - Merge Files - Add Variables). I send ResponseID to Pavlovia as either session or participant as the index.

Have a look at my PsychoPy primer slides for how I used to do this.

Now I have a PsychoPy experiment which can combine data files, or I use the database option on Pavlovia to ensure that all data is in one file.

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