Alarming cosmetic bug in Pavlovia after deleting one of many repositories

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It is handy that by going to Pavlovia: Dashboard: Experiments, I get a list of all my repositories, and I can select a few and delete them. That works. However, after doing that, the window falsely claims that ALL my repositories are gone. Oh no! In fact, it’s ok. When I ask the browser to refresh the page, it correctly shows that most of my repositories remain. It only deleted the ones I selected for deletion. Phew! Even so, it is VERY ALARMING to be told that all one’s repos are gone. Can you add an automatic refresh after deleting? (I’m guessing that you’re currently doing the refresh too early, before the directory is available.)

Hello @denispelli ,

That is most alarming indeed! My apologies!
I have been making a variety of modification to the pavlovia front-end over the past few weeks, which I will make available online early next week. I’ll make sure to have dealt with that particular issue by then.
Thank you very much for bringing it to our attention!
Best wishes,


Great. Thanks!

Dear Alain
That bug is still present, unchanged.
Happy New Year!