Repositories disappearing (but experiments will still run and the data is still available)

URL of experiment: with_reps [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

Multiple experiments have “disappeared” from git but still run on Pavlovia.
I linked the most recent experiment to show an empty depository.

I can still access old data and get new data when people do the experiment. But on git, it states that the repository is empty. (When I try to push changes locally using the command window, it also says that the repository is empty.)

It’s happened to about 80% of my experiments.
It seems to happen at random, though the experiments its happening to are all older than a month or so.

Is there a way to fix this and prevent it from happening again?

How are you accessing the repository? Don’t use the IP address and try flushing the cache. Have a look at the repository in an incognito tab.

I’ve done it a few ways.
On pavlovia via the “view code” button, from the “your projects” tab on gitlab, and from an incognito window (and another computer). I had some shared experiments with another person and they are showing up as empty on their end as well. It also shows up as an empty repository when I try to push from my computer using the command window.

These experiments are disappearing after my not having touched them for > 1 month or so (so no new changes pushed). The only difference would be a few new data files from participants (which can still be downloaded from Pavlovia with no issue, which seems weird).

Let me know if there’s other info I can provide? I’m at a complete loss here.
It seems to be about 85% of experiments that were added before October of 2023 that now have empty repositories (but still run on Pavlovia with no issue).

I have a few other experiments that are on a different pavlovia account (but were created within a few months of the ones on my personal account). Those ones are all fine. So the issue is specific to experiments on my current account.

In the console when running the exp I can see that the JS files are still all there:

Even though on gitlab it is empty:

Good morning @greerg ,

The problem was indeed associated with the server move. It appears that some of your experiment repositories were not correctly transferred even though the experiments themselves were, as you pointed out. It is not entirely clear to me how that happened, and why it would affect only some of your experiments. I will investigate the matter later this week.
I have just copied across the missing repositories, you now have full access to all of your experiments.
With my apologies for the difficulty!
Best wishes,

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Thanks very much!


Hello! I am having the same issue, where I can still run the experiment and it shows that there were commits (with new data), but it also says there isn’t a repository and can’t find evidence of those commits if I click on one:

Hopefully this is an easy solution for you too? If not please let me know what I should do next!

Hello @gcler ,

I’ve just fixed that for you. You are good to go.


we have the same problem with all experiment that were created over our research group account but not those that were created individually. How can the problem be solved?


Please could you PM me the links to the experiments which work on Pavlovia but have empty repositories?

Best wishes,