Advice on colour profiles

Unfortunately I cannot share the experiment URL or the stimuli due to a data protection agreement relating to the stimuli.

I’m receiving the following errors when running a simple image rating task in Pavlovia (which runs fine on PsychoPy). The errors seem to be caused by something about image files and their colour profile settings?

I’m in the process of tracking down which of the stimuli are causing the problem, as most of the stimuli load but then the task must hit a problematic image file, at which point it crashes.

All of the stimuli a jpgs. They are all saved using the RGBs colour profile in Photoshop. Not that it should cause this issue but they are all the same dimensions, resolution and they are all 24 bit.

Thee images were created by several different people following the same process in photoshop to crop, resize, centre and save images extracted as jpgs from video files. I’m sure the issue is probably something about the settings in Photoshop that one of more people were using (although I wouldn’t hazard a guess at what settings exactly).

My question is: Has anyone had a similar issue, and before I go back and have a go at further standardising the stimuli by running them all through photoshop myself and saving them all afresh, does anyone have any advice about doing this? Anything I should consider when creating the new files in Photoshop that I will import the images into? Anything about saving the images using particular settings to try and avoid this issue?

Thanks everyone - any thoughts much appreciated.