Pavlovia error during trials

Description of the problem: I have created a Visual Search task where pts have to look for a T amongst L’s. The task involves 20 practise trials and 200 study trials. For each trial, I use a png image. I have coded the study into Psychopy and it works offline. But when I try to run the experiment online through Pavlovia, it comes up with the following problem. The problem only comes up once pts get to the study trials, not during the practise trials or the instructions at the start of the experiment. The problem also comes up at different times during the study trials, suggesting it might be related to the uploading of a specific image. Does anyone recognise this problem or know why it came up?

Do you have a png file embedded into your conditions spreadsheet?

My conditions spreadsheet is made up of the image names and the correct answer for each image. The “a” is when there is a T and the “l” is where there is not a T. This is how it looks:

Since it doesn’t happen on every trial then I would expect most of the rows to be fine.

I assume that your image_study component has $image_file set every repeat as its image.

Are you able to identify which files are causing the issue?

I tried looking through the files in the code on pavlovia and they all seem to be fine. image_study has $image_file set every repeat as its image. Would it be useful to share the experiment with you so you could see the problem for yourself?

To start with, please could you upload the conditions spreadsheet here (or via a private message)? If I can’t spot anything amiss with it, then sharing the experiment would be the next step.

I can send you the conditions spreadsheet here. I really appreciate this help thank you.

ImageStudyTrials.xlsx (11.6 KB)

Try this file

Images 51 and 181 has a space after the file name.

ImageStudyTrials.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Thats great. I will try the experiment again and see if the problem comes up

I am happy to say that that has fixed the problem. Thank you so much for your help