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Aborted participant records?

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Is there a way to get records of aborted participants? My experiment is integrated with SONA (working properly, I think) and has credited 78 participants who completed the experiment. It also shows that 26 have aborted, but there doesn’t seem to be a record of them in the data file. For example, SONA has verified that a given participant clicked the link to go to the experiment, but there’s no record of them on the pavlovia side. The participant claims to have finished the experiment, but perhaps they aborted? If so it’d be helpful to know how far they got, but there’s no record of them in the pavlovia database. Even more interestingly, there are a couple of participant IDs that do not have a corresponding entry in SONA (i.e., unclaimed credits), which doesn’t make any sense to me (turns out the timestamp doesn’t match the one who claims to have completed the experiment but no records exist, so no easy explanation there). Has anyone experienced anything like this, and/or have any suggestions? Cheers,


Hi Jon,

The aborted participants should’ be in the “all participants “ database but do they have log files?

Interestingly, some aborted participants have logs (and are in the database), but the number of log files is fewer than the sum of the completed and aborted participants. Does that mean the aborts without a log represent a participant quitting right at the start? Or maybe some of the aborts went back to complete later? Sorry if this isn’t making much sense, I’m rather confused over the whole thing! Cheers,


Oh, and the number of sessions is greater than the sum of completed and aborted participants (even if I include the piloting sessions), which adds to my confusion. Is there a larger master record I can view, or do these numbers mean something else than what I think?

Nb. Sessions: 201

Completed: 4
Aborted: 6

Completed: 80
Aborted: 32
Log files: 94 (3 of which are pilots, and 6 look like aborts)

Consumed: 80
Reserved: 5

upvoting – I have the same problem!