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A bug, a hope, a dream

Hi there, I’m fairly new to PsychoPy. I may have found a bug and also have a hope and a dream:

I’m running the standalone PsychoPy v3.2.3 on MacOS Mojave v10.14.6. If I’m using Coder, and then in its shell I use the drop down menus as I select classes and methods, the whole thing crashes if I try to scroll through the yellow pop-up help. I get spinning wheel of death and have to force quit.

My hope is that the shell could have some “history” so I could up-arrow to re-do commands.

The dream is to have an option for vim keybindings like in R-studio :wink:


Hi @storrisi, there are no plans to develop the Coder interface in the near future due to other priorities, although the PsychoPy project is open source and you could submit your ideas or actual enhancements to the PsychoPy GitHub. See also guidelines for developers.

The cool thing about PsychoPy is that underneath the Builder/Coder interface is a Python library that can be installed via pip (pip install psychopy), and used in any code editor you choose that is set to run with your Python installation. For development, I use PyCharm, which has all the features you want and need. I also use Visual Studio Code for editing with Vim key bindings.

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