Don't see Coder View as an option with PsychoPy Builder v2022.2.5 on a Mac

I using standalone Psychopy v2022.2.5 on a Mac computer, and I’m trying to open the Coder View and do not see it as a possible option. When I go to ‘View’ tab, the options available to me are ‘Show Tab Bar’, ‘Toggle readme’, ‘Flow Larger’, ‘Flow Smaller,’ ‘Routine Larger,’ ‘Routine Smaller’, ‘Themes’, and ‘Enter Full Screen.’ I do not understand how to switch over to Coder View… ???


you probably started the Builder which is recommended to use anyway, especially if you plan to run the experiment online. You get the Coder when you got to Window - Coder. You gave up too early :wink:

Notice that it is a one-way street from Builder to Coder but not the other way around.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks! Yeah I didn’t see that another separate window opens, my bad.


so, you don’t get this?

Best wishes jens