404 not found when synchronising experiment to Pavlovia

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Description of the problem:

Hello, everyone! I ran into an error when I was trying to synchronising experiment from PsychoPy to Pavlovia. I got the 404 not found message, when I went to Pavlovia, all the files were there, but it showed 403 not found error, and the platform was unknown.

I have tried the following:
delete all the files generated by psychopy and hidden files.
I also deleted everything on pavlovia each time I tried again.
I put all the required files in setting >online> resources.

But it did not work. I am using 2022.2.5 version psychopy. Could anyone share the solutions? I tried all of the possible solutions posted here, but none of them work.

Thank you.

Are the files on Gitlab – specifically the index.html file in your experiment folder?

Hi @wakecarter , I went to Pavlovia, and click the “view code” all my files for experiment are there, and .gitignore. Nothing else.

Thank you.

That means that your experiment hasn’t synced correctly. Look for error messages when syncing. Do you have export to HTML on sync?

Yes. setting > online > HTML on sync. The error message was just 404 not found. after the synchronisation and the error message, index.html file appears in my local file. And I put all my files in the additional resources.

I checked “view code” in Pavlovia, I found that I miss these following files (MPAM is my study name):

Do I need to upload readme.md and lastrun.py as well? It seems that Pavloiva can only generate a local folder called index.html including MPAM-legacy-browers.js, MPAM.js, and index.html, but not on Pavlovia.

Does anyone know the solution?
Thank you.


your experiment can’t run if there is not a *.js and an index.html. The *.py are only relevant for offline experiments. As long as Pavlovia doesn’t not recognize the platform, you won’t be able to run the experiment online. Do you mind posting a screenshot of the directory-listing of your local computer and your Pavlovia-account?

I assume that the experiment runs locally, doesn’t it? Do you get an error-message in stdout when trying to sync the experiment?

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jen,

Thank you for your solution! I added the two .js files and the index.html files to Pavlovia, now, it works on Pavlovia and I can pilot it!