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404 Not Found message appears when experiment is in a sub-folder of project

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Everything works fine when I sync in Pavlovia. Even, when I sign in into Pavlovia, the repository with all the files is there However, when I click running the experiment on line the following message appears

Thanks in advance

This looks like an issue with you putting yoru experiment in a further folder inside the project folder. You have set the root of the project to be an outer folder containing psyco2 and Projects currently expect the experiment to be in the root of the project folder. Could you the experiment and its associated files to that root folder (out of the subfolder)

Thanks a lot for your answer.I have set the folder in C:\Users\spanport\Desktop\Spanish.psycophy, but now when I sync, the chart create a project appears, then another chart
problepsyco and then synchronizing chart lasts forever.I create a new test experiment, I set the folder at the desktop, but I had the same problem
Thanks in advance

is this one solved yet?

Please could you be more specific? What issue are you having? Your experiment file should be in your project folder, not a sub-folder.