403 forbidden/unknown platform

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/elena/test

Description of the problem: Hi everyone, I know there have been other posts on the same issue, but I still cannot find a solution. I clearly have something going on with the sync, I see the study on my dashboard, but it doesn’t work. What I find peculiar is that the platform appears ‘unknown’, and I don’t understand what I am doing wrong here. Please help!!


Hi! Someone in my lab is having the same issue, and we cannot seem to figure out why.

Hi, I responded on another thread with a similar problem:

Just fixed this and there might be possibilities for others that encounter the same issue but fail to resolve it with the proposed solution. It is likely that the way you organize the index.html and two .js files confuse the Pavlovia.
If you have tried removing the online project and resynthesis, don’t forget to make sure the newly generated html and .js files are in the same path as they were in the last time, i.e., overwrite the previously generated files. Otherwise, you will have two versions of .html and .js files and this will confuse the server when trying to find these files.

Hi everyone,

I am having the same issue and I am not able to change the link to my experiment on the platform. And for the files index.html and .js, how can I modify them? I see the .js has not the same name as the experiment, you know why?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Mar,

If your experiment ever contained an html folder then I would recreate it.

Thank you very much for your quick answer and help! I have been looking at it and I have saved the experiment in a new folder and I have created a new project in Pavlovia from Psychopy. But this does not create an index.html nor the new .js files. How do I have to do it? I am sorry I am not used to work with Github.

Thank you in advance

Are you getting a sync error? Have you got Experiment Settings / Online set to generate html files on sync?

Thank you, I have just figure it out! When synchronizing the experiment directly from Psychopy you have to go to “File”>“Export HTML file” to create the local index.html and .js files. That will be pushed directly to the Github of the experiment and, consequently, to the online experiment in Pavlovia.

I never do this, because I have the default setting of Export HTML on sync.