2024 PsychoPy/JS code sprint (15-17 April)

We are excited to announce that PsychoPy will be hosting a 3-day in-person code-sprint at the University of Nottingham from 15-17 April 2024. The code sprint will be an opportunity for us to get together in person and improve PsychoPy/JS. Anyone who would like to attend will need to fill out the online application by 31 January 2024. Those selected will be notified by the end of February.

Partial travel funding is available on an as-needed basis (see application).

If accepted, you will also need to attend an online orientation before the code sprint itself. This will be so that we can maximise our chances of hitting the ground running.

On the application, most of the questions can be answered in a few seconds, but two of them require longer responses (up to 1500 characters each). We advise that you get these ready in a text editor before starting the rest of the application. The two questions are as follows:

  1. Describe how you use Psychopy and/or Pavlovia in your research, teaching, consulting, etc.

  2. Describe a PsychoPy/JS project that you would like to work on during the three days of a code-sprint