Wrong feedback problem: no feedback in first trial, wrong feedback in some trials

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
Hi All, I am using builder view to create an online experiment. In the practice part, I need to add feedback after each trial. This should help participants to learn which keys to press (left, down) and to do it fast (<2000ms).
I used examples to come up with the next solution:

I guess there is no feedback on the first trial because key_resp.corr has nothing saved from the previous run, right? Is there a simple way to overcome this?
The most important problem is that I constantly see wrong feedback on the screen (when I on purpose press wrong key, feedback says “Correct!”).
First, I thought I made a mistake in my condition file: variable corrAns depends on variable targeti. However, there was no mistake.
Even comparing corrAns and key_resp.keys in output files showed no problem (the values of key_resp.corr looked normal).

Taking together, it makes me to think that my mistake is having feedback as separate routine. Probably, the feedback I see on the screen is correct for the previous trial or something like that.
Shell I try adding feedback inside practice trial routine? I am afraid this will crash the whole thing. And it is different from what I saw in examples.
I will greatly appreciate your help and time,

Oh, I had to move down FBtext! So the code piece would tell to the text object what happens before I call it. Sorry, I think I fixed that myself. Should I delete the topic?

You can just mark it as fixed

Hi! I have the exact same problem, but my text box is already under the code part (?), I would apreciate your help!!


Hi Oscar,
please, add as much details as you can to the problem description in your particular case. I found the solution that was OK for my code specifically only after checking all other possibilities (i.e., comparing output and my actual key_presses during the run).

I have the exact same problem, but I wonder how to move down feedback text as you’ve mentioned?

i really need your help and will appreciate it a lot!

Don’t worry, it’s solved! Just to adjust the priority in the builder that will be correct.