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Wrong Feedback provided

Hi, everyone

I’m designing an experiment in psychopy builder version 1.84.
For one of the blocks, I had included some simple math formula to which the participants have to press key T or F depending on whether the formula is true or false (10+5= 17). I added the feedback as indicated on the main site (

The problem is: the feedback provided is not for each trial just answered, but the previous one. Instead of providing feedback for the formula the participant has just answered, it gives the feedback corresponding to the previous formula

Many thanks,

Are you trying to give feedback within the same routine as the question?

If the code and text are in a separate routine, then is the code component above the text component in the routine?


No, the feedback is on another, so what I am trying to get is instant feedback on how they have done in each run. I also checked the demo for the Stroop Extended version, which in the same way it provides “correct/oops, you got it wrong” feedback. Yet for some reason in my experiment, it doesn’t work correctly even though the coding is the same.

Also, in response to your other question, they are on separate routines but on the same loop, and the code component correctly references the “key_resp” of the previous routine.

Thanks for the help!