Would a Debian/Ubuntu/... package be useful?

I maintain, or more accurately don’t maintain, the PsychoPy package for Arch. It looks like 2023.1.1 works with Python 3.10 and I can finally update the package. There was a time when there was a Debian package. Is this something that would be useful to create again? It would probably require creating, and hosting, a PPA. Is that something the dev team could do?

I am probably not willing to maintain/test the package for all flavors/versions of Debian/Ubuntu, so we would need to be strategic about what other packages to try and create. Note, I have never made an rpm package, but could be convinced to play around with that.

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It would be great if people could just do sudo apt install psychopy or sudo snap install psychopy but I anticipate that being “non-trivial” to get working. I think a great first step is simply to have clear simple instructions to get things working on built-in python installs.

Getting things working on Py 3.10 with relatively little effort is going to be a great start and is probably a necessary precursor to making the deb/rpm packages