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Updating to 1.9 in Ubuntu 16,04

I have Psychopy 1.85 installed in my Ubuntu. I want to upgrade to Psychopy 1.9x.
The instructions shown here do not work.
PsychoPy 1.90.1
Ubuntu or debian-based systems:
sudo apt-get install psychopy

Even after purging old 1.85 completely, and reinstalling psychopy following the instruction above, I keep getting the old version (1.85). Neuro.debian doesn’t work because it does not have 1.90. What should I do? Any help, please!!

Thank you


Dear Takashi,

Try using pip instead.

Thank you!
Yes, pip worked beautifully ((sudo pip install psychopy). I didn’t know the difference between sudo apt-get install … and sudo pip install… Now it is clear to me.


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