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Psychopy3 on Neurodebian?


Looking at the Neurodebian repository and it seems to only have up to version 1.85.3 of Psychopy. I was wondering if there are any plans to update Neurodebian to later releases and if not, what is the current recommended way of installing the standalone version of Psychopy on Ubuntu systems?



As an addendum to this question, are there any instructions for how to make the standalone version from source?

Hi @heuristicwondering, the link to the download section on the Psychopy webpage has all the information regarding installation intructions. If that does not help, please let us know.

Regarding Neurodebian, I do believe that that Neurodebian team are responsible for ensuring their website is kept up to date with the latest release of Psychopy :slight_smile:

Neurodebian typically only releases stable versions, so it should really have been updated to the 1.90 series (I guess @yarikoptic has been too busy) but not to the 3.0 series until that settles down a bit.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Ok, so newbie follow up question, but if I follow the manual install instructions on the website with Psychopy 3, is it possible to run the IDE (coder/builder)? If so, how do I invoke that after installing the modules?