Workshop for potential contributors

On Friday 17 Feb the PsychoPy team are going to be running our first ever Contributor Workshop, to help people that want to know more about how to contribute to the project. It’s free!

If you want to learn about git, about how our docs are built, about finding things to work on,… come and join us and, hopefully, we’ll walk you through all the way to your first “pull request” (come along to find out what that means)!

We especially welcome potential contributors from under-represented backgrounds but anyone is welcome to join us!

You can register (did I mention it’s free) at Contributing to PsychPy Workshop Tickets, Fri 17 Feb 2023 at 09:00 | Eventbrite


Just signed-up as I have some tech skills but am a total dummy when it comes to the whole Git thing. 0900 GMT is a big ask for those of us in North America…but softened with a half night’s sleep and lots of coffee.

I just signed up. Will there also be a workshop on contributing to PsychoJS? I think there will be an interest in this era of online studies.

Will there be another registration available? As for right now, it seems like ‘Registrations are closed’.

Sorry for those that were unable to sign up - we didn’t realise it would be this popular. We’ll certainly run more sessions but we’ll need to work out how to manage the supply/demand issue. Follow this thread to get further updates.


Thank you for your patience on the contributor workshops. Fill out an application to attend future contributor workshops here.