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Newbie needs help coding experiment in PsychoPy, then Pavlovia

I’m ready to hire some coding help. Name your hourly price.

About: This study is to collect reaction time. The basic procedure is this:
Participant holds two keys (one with left hand, one with right hand) for one second to trigger image onset; a random image appears and the participant releases depressed keys when they are ready to respond to the image with a mime (not a keyboard response); after miming a response, participants press one of two keys (‘enter’ / ‘backspace’) to indicate a judgment about that mime.
The reaction time measurement is from image onset to key release. I also need coding for the training phase of the study.

Additional: I want to put this study on Pavlovia; I was informed there might be an issue with this because my study uses over 400 high quality photographs, and that I may need to reduce their byte-size. If you can only help with the coding in PsychoPy but not with Pavlovia, that’s still helpful.

I expect this job will require some back-and-forth communication (email is okay? zoom if necessary), and testing and revision, perhaps a little each day over the course of a week or longer. I live in Thailand; payment would be on completion by bank/bitcoin transfer, as suits you.


Online the keyboard component can’t monitor a depressed key, but they could be holding down both mouse buttons.

Mime – are you wanting to record what the participant is doing? This would probably need to be a separate Zoom call.

Batch reducing file size for photos is fairly easy. They could also be loaded during the task rather than all at the beginning.

The task doesn’t sound too complicated as described. I’ll PM you my hourly rate.

Best wishes,