Windows size problem

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

OS (e.g. Win10):
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What did you try to make it work?: Hello, I need your help with my experience. When launched online, the window resizing is not good, and part of it appears outside the window. How do I make the window adjustment automatic?


on-line experiments should be run in full-screen mode. If the parts of your stimuli not not shown on your screen, it might be that you have used the wrong screen units. See here.

Best wishes Jens

But why when i launch the experiment on my pc it’s automatically resized, but not online ?

Dear ladole,

I do not quite get what your problem is. PsychoPy starts full screen locally and on-line. However, on-line you can resize the browser window PsychoPy is running in which is not advised to do.

Do your stimuli not fit on your screen when you run your experiment on-line on your PC but they fit when you run your experiment on your PC locally?

What unit do you use to define location and size of your stimuli?

Best wishes Jens

Yes, but online the content is poorly framed. There is the circle and the square that appear outside (see picture) the field while directly on PC, it’s perfect
Maybe you can try : Global RondCarre [PsychoPy]

Hello ladole,

well, I can’t try. Your experiment does not go beyond initialising the experiment for me. Perhaps you could answer my question and tell me (or show me) what screen unit you are using. Am I correct in assuming that you did not run the experiment full-screen?

Best wishes Jens