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Windows 10 v.1909 update & PsychoPy3 v.3.2.4

I’m trying to run my PsychoPy study (using the standalonePsychoPy3- 3.2.4 win64 installed on a windows computer), but it’s been throwing errors since the PC automatically updated to Windows 10 1909. I’ve reverted to version 1903 but am stuck with the security update (KB458759). Uploading the full error - but seems to have an issue with ‘self.backend.close()’ function in \psychopy\visual\, line 1327 in close.

Solved!!! Thanks to, I’ve changed the attribute in all the KB458759 security updates’ .mum files from ‘permanency=permanent’ to ‘permanency=removable’, uninstalled the security update, then re-restored to an older Windows version.

Actually, you should also be able to use a newer version of PsychoPy to get around that. 2020.1 avoids the win10 bug with gamma correction by not trying to set gamma ramp unless absolutely necessary

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