Win32 Psychopy version or running win32 .dll on win64 version

Hi all,

I am coding an experiment which uses a BIOPAC device to measure grip force. Using its functionalities in a script relies on a win32 .dll file which does not want to load in a 64bit version of Python.

I created a 32-bit conda environment and can now load this unfortunate .dll in python, but I am struggling to install a 32bit version of Psychopy. The install with just ‘pip install psychopy’ through the shell of conda environment fails halfway through and while I can find old standalone versions of Psychopy on github, I am unsure how I could integrate them with a conda environment I need them in.
Does anyone have some advice on how to approach this? Or, if there is a way I could make this 32-bit .dll work with current version of Psychopy, that would be even better.

I’d be truly grateful for some help with this.