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32-Bit version of Psychopy 2021.2.3

I am trying to run an experiment on an older computer that we use for our eye tracking system. The computer is 32-Bit. Is there a 32-Bit version of Psychopy2021.2.3 that can be installed/downloaded?

Thank you for your help!
Genna Telschow

I was wondering this too, does anyone have an answer? @jon I assume this is something you would know?

We decided not to formally support 32bit hardware anymore in an effort to reduce the number of different builds that needed to be created and tested on each release. Would it not be possible to update those machines to more modern hardware? I imagine at this point you’d see some performance improvements too!

You could make your own though by installing Python yourself (I believe Python 3.6 was made available in 32bit from and installing psychopy manually:

pip install psychopy

which should install most of the dependencies too. You’d need to create a shortcut as well to make it easy to launch. But I should point out you are off the supported line here - we aren’t testing that ourselves and there are increasingly going to be issues with running on 32 bit machines as a result

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