What to do when credits can't be bought

Description of the problem:
Guys, we want to run our study online but the first thing we encountered was that there we should charge for our participants to take part in the study on Pavlovia. The thing is that unfortunately because of sanctions, we cannot have banking transactions out of Iran! So that’s not possible for us to pay for the charge. This is our MA thesis projects and we need to gather data without endangering the lives of our participants and ourselves in the unwelcomed Corona days!
I checked if the experiment could be uploaded through a server other than Pavlovia, but it seems that it is not possible.
I wish to know if some of you have had such a case, and how it could be resolved!
Thanks for your help in advance.:pray:

Hi there. On the general issue, our policy is that, if your university and/or supervisor expects you to collect data online then they should be providing you with the means to do so. I think you should talk to your course team for guidance. In the particular case of Iran, I also don’t know enough about the situation, the laws, and the sanctions, to know what the legal ramifications would be for us.

You are right. Thanks for your response.