What isn't preserved when duplicating a routine?

Hello PsychoPy Community,

I was trying to add an identical routine to a Builder program on Pavlovia. Before adding the routine, the program works perfectly. After adding the duplicated (using ‘copy routine’) routine, the program does not initialise. In testing, I wanted to see whether the duplicated routine would run by itself (so I deleted the original), and alas, the same problem arises. That is, it appears that duplicating a routine changes something so that it won’t run anymore (at least on Pavlovia), and I was wondering if anyone knows what might cause this problem? Does the copying a routine function not truly copy the routine?


Could you upload the .psyexp file for this experiment? It would help to be able to see what it looks like at the code level

Thank you for your concern, TParsons, however, I solved the problem. The issue was that in the coding component I was referencing a loop that was not applicable to the duplicate. So for any others out there that are experiencing an initialization error in their program, this is a possible source of the problem.