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Copy and edit routine

Hello PsychoPy experts,

Within the Builder environment, is there a way to copy/paste a routine and edit the copied routine without also changing the original routine? I haven’t figured out how to decouple the behavior of the copied and original routines.

Similarly, is there a way to copy/paste a component? I had customized an image component for one routine and would like to copy it into another routine.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Linh,

What you are currently doing isn’t really copying the routine, but just placing multiple instances of the same routine in the flow panel.

The feature of truly making copies of routines (and components) that get a separate name and can be edited, will be in PsychoPy 1.85. That has not yet been officially been released (you can access it from GitHub but that takes some technical know-how).

Need to correct Mike on this one. His info is a bit out of date! :wink:

For a whole Routine, yes, you can copy a Routine from the >Experiment menu and >Paste Routine with a new name. This effectively creates duplicates of everything so that when you edit that it will not change the original.

For a single Component this was added in 1.85 and you can download that here:
Right-click on the component to copy it and then select paste component from the >Experiment menu