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Builder unable to paste routines/components between experiments

OS (Win10):
PsychoPy version (v2020.1.83):
Standard Standalone

I am trying to copy and paste routines/components between experiments, but it is no longer working for me. In the past I was able to successfully copy and paste between experiments. However, now the copy and paste function only appears to work within each experiment. Whenever I copy something from one experiment and move to the second experiment to paste, either nothing happens when I paste or it offers to paste whatever was last copied in the second experiment. If I click paste in the first experiment, the renaming window pops up, so it appears to be copying successfully.

Does anybody know what the possible issue could be? Any help would be wonderful!

Open experiment 1
Click file new to open a second connected instance
Open experiment 2

You should now be able to copy and paste between experiments


It worked! Thanks so much!