What is the simplest button box to use to accurately capture RTs?

Hi all,

I am running a simple behavioral experiment, where capturing accurate RTs is important. I am using a Windows 10 desktop.

I was reading the documentation on the Psychopy website that collecting the RTs with the keyboard will not provide accurate behavioral RT data and a button box is needed.

I was wondering if there is a button box (ideally USB emulating a keyboard) that you all would recommend that would (again, ideally) be more-or-less ‘plug and play’ in terms of interfacing with the Psychopy experiment.

I did a search in the community and came across the Response pad from BlackBox Technologies (https://www.blackboxtoolkit.com) may fit the bill? Though it was not entirely clear from that thread.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have a Blackbox USB 8-button box and it is plug-and-play (emulating asdfghjk).

The next version of PsychoPy (which will be released in February but I’m using at the moment) has a buttonBox component which translates the supplied list of keys into button numbers.

Thank you. This is the exact information I was looking for! Is this the box you have: Millisecond accurate 1-8 button USB response pad pricing?

Yes, that’s the one.

Thank you!