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Current Designs Button Box Issue

I am using Psychopy3 3.1.5 on Win10. I’ve made a block design paradigm for fMRI in the builder form. There are different photo routines and a fixation task. I have placed a fixation cross on the screen in both routine (it is coming on photos and also on the blank screen). When fixation cross is red, participant must press the button (any button on the button box is okay). I will use this to understand whether the participant follows the screen or not. I use Current Designs button box in our lab. ( It has a response device and also a fiber optic cable to reach the trigger box outside the mri. And there is a usb cable between trigger box and my laptop (i think its a serial port).
I am not a coder, so i added a keyboard component in the routines, and saved the settings as ‘store all keys’. When i run the experiment in my laptop, i can save the data when i press the buttons on my laptop. However, when i tried to have a signal from button box, experiment runs but there is no response in the data. Interestingly, when i discard the fiber optic cable and try the buttons directly, i can have responses. The fiber optic cable is working, i checked it from other experiments. And i have searched in the forums if there is a code for that, but there is no clear explanation to add those functions. (functions are here:
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We really need to know which it is. i.e. is it acting as an emulated keyboard, or as an emulated serial port?


  • If your laptop has a text editor open and you push buttons on the device, do responses appear in the text document?
  • Is there some sort of dongle attached, or is it just a standard USB cable at both ends?

I have a cable between trigger box and my laptop,the laptop side of this cable is a USB end, the other side is an another port i dont know what it is exactly but i took a picture of it:

Also, i have tried to add a keyboard component for devices with USB end as the documentation says but it is not working…
When i use the button box without a fiber optic cable, i get responses on the text editor. But there is no response with fiber optic cable (it is like an extension cable between button box and trigger box), i have to use it in the MR room.
1 ![2|480x360]
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I have posted the trigger box and the type of fiber optic cable