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Best button box with internal clock, easily called and read by PsychoPy

Hi Community,
I’d like to acquire one or two button boxes with an internal clock for maximal RT precision (and independence from screen refresh). Any recommandation ? I only use the PsychoPy Coder, and I’d like something that can be easily called and read by PsychoPy. I am also looking for something cheap, robust, and precise. Thanks for your suggestions !

We’ve just bought a Response pad from BlackBox Technologies. It is not cheap, however it is very simple to use (pressing a button results in a keypress) and provides excellent timing precision. We’ve run a first test today. On an EGI system we compared the timing of the TTL code sent from the Response pad to the EGI directly with the timing of the capture of the event by PsychoPy and sending the marker over TCP. The difference between the two markers recorded by the EGI was between 0.3 and 0.6 milliseconds. I was impressed. Especially when compared to the timing of the win.flip() or commands and actual visual or auditory stimulus presentation where the difference was on average 34 ms for the visual and 177 ms for the auditory stimuli.

The reponse pad does not have an internal clock though. But based on this experience, I don’t think it is really necessary.