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What happened to the psychopy.sound api?

I know a lot of changes have been made to the sound module lately… but it is very difficult to use via coding because the API has almost vanished. There is very little documentation about sound, now. Have I missed something? Apologies if so - I’ve searched around and read the changelog, but haven’t found any information about why there is no longer an api for psychopy.sound, aside from these few sentences:

It makes psychopy almost impossible to use via coder for people who need good sound control…

Does anyone know if it is under construction? and if so, when it will be returning?

Many thanks.

Hi, I can’t explain why the sound help isn’t appearing there, but the documentation is (or at least, should be) generated automatically from the source code. So you can go direct to inspect the source here, scrolling through to read the comments which (should) form the text of the documentation: