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Update in the general settings page (audioLib) - sounddevice support


under this page, it is specified that only pyo and pgame are supported as sound libraries, even though under this one it says that sounddevice is supported as well.


Hi Eitan,

The API documents are automatically generated from comments in the source code and hence they should usually be up-to-date (and in fact they might even be ahead of the currently released version of PsychoPy).

The other pages on the website you linked to are manually edited and hence they can easily get out of date, as you’ve noticed. If you (or anyone else in the PsychoPy community) notices an error, you can directly edit those pages on the GitHub site, e.g. here for your particular page:

i.e. you can make a change in the document by clicking on the pencil icon to enter the edit mode, and then submit a request that your changes get pulled into the current version of the docs. Documentation maintenance is a great way for even non-programmers to make a very useful contribution to an open source project like PsychoPy.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info. I’ll add it to the documents soon!


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