Online experiment is unstable on Safari

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MTurkWTP [PsychoPy]

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I am running an online experiment that runs and records just fine on Google Chrome, but issues arise when using Safari on macOS Catalina (no issues on macOS Mojave so far). For this task, participants indicate a response by using the ‘1’ or ‘2’ key on the keyboard. On Safari, the task sometimes resets halfway through and the data is lost even though saving incomplete/aborted data is enabled. Other times I can make it to the end of the task but the data still doesn’t get recorded. Finally, when any button is pressed during the task, there’s this annoying “bump” sound that occurs each time a key is pressed, which may lead one to think that something is wrong but it actually records responses just fine when there’s a datafile to show for it. I found that the bump sound goes away when the task is taken off full screen but this unfortunately doesn’t do anything for the other issues. For the time being participants are informed in advance that Google Chrome is the preferred browser for this task, but I would love to know if there was something that could be done to fix this issue. Any insight on this would be much appreciated.
Thank you!

Hello Melanie

with regard to the sound this is supposedly fixed

Which version do you use?

Best wishes Jens