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Video stimuli not resetting to beginning in online experiment

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I’m trying to implement a psychomotor vigilance test, which works in PsychoPy locally, but not when I try to run it online. In each trial the stimulus is a video of a stopwatch counting up to 5 secs, and the participant has to respond as quickly as possible.

Locally this works fine, with the stopwatch resetting on each trial, but online the stopwatch never resets, so after a few trials it just presents the final frame of the video as a still.

Previously I’ve had problems with setting the dimensions of the video but this seems to work OK now.

Any ideas?



I encountered the same problem! I did not manage to restart the videos but I solved it by copying the video into multiple files so that each time a new video file has to be loaded…

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Thanks @scd we’ll look into this. There’s probably something like a seek(0) that needs to be added when the same video is reloaded @apitiot

Thanks to both of you for your advice. It looks like duplicating the video file would be a good workaround (@scd) , but I’ll hang on to see whether a quick fix is on the cards (@jon).

Much appreciated!