Video being sped up and played without sound

I’m using psychopy (using the library but in pycharm) to build an experiment which has a movieStim before it starts and then feedback sounds.
When trying to load the sounds before the movie stimulus is played, the movie gets played at a much faster speed and without audio. the only solution I found was to play the movie before any sound is loaded but I cant avoid loading the sounds.
I’d appreciate any help with this bug

the psychopy version is 2023.2.3
and python 3.9
windows 10

Hi! I am also experiencing problems like that. My experiment works on my macbook, but as soon as I try to make it work on the lab’s Windows computer (Windows 10, psychopy v2023.2.3), the videos are not played correctly. I can only play 1 video per script, or else the videos break. I suspect the audio could be the problem, but I cannot actually be sure.

Hello @joannarut @Yona_Burman
im having the same issue here, the movie plays normally on Mac but not on windows , do you have any solution for this issue ??
thank you in advance

I might have an answer, although probably not as good as you would like. I had to do several different things:

  1. Put a command to stop the video after the end of every video, e.g. vid.stop(), I think also unloading might be useful here, but I already had that in my script
  2. Also had to fiddle around with the AUDIO settings on Windows and Psychopy because turns out, on some settings the videos did not work properly (were super laggy and slow). My set up now includes a monitor with speakers and a set of speakers. I needed to set the Psychopy and Windows audio output to the speakers, and then the videos play through the speakers, and the audio files play through the monitor. I did not find any other way to make it work on my set up. If I change the Windows or Psychopy audio output to the monitor/laptop, the videos break. I don’t know why, but this is what worked for me. I had to experiment with different monitors because it did not work when the monitor had no speaker, as the audio files played through the laptop and not near participant, but in the control room.

Hello @joannarut

The best solution I found is to extract the audio from the video, separate them, and then play them separately by muting the video. There is no delay, and it works well. I tried many other suggestions, but nothing else worked.

Thank you for your response!

Yes, I can see how that would have worked as well! The problem is Windows audio settings for videos, I guess.

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hey I just ended up playing the video before loading any sound into the experiment
this also meant that i had to import the eye tracker calibration script in the middle of my code

I’m having similar issues and I just posted about it. What’s working for me is setting the audio latency priority (for PTB) to Mode 1: “shared …”

I’m currently trying to figure out how to solve this without setting the priority to mode 1.