Vibrating stimuli

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I have programmed a short task which presents an image file along with vibration. I am specifically trying to assign the vibration to take effect and commence when clicking on the stimulus.

Any suggestions will be helpful.


What device do you want to vibrate?
Is it a tablet, phone, or external device connected to the computer?

Did you take a look at this post?


Hi Chen

Thank you.

I using my andriod phone, but it will be used for tablets.

I have already included vibrations in my task. So that is not the issue. I am trying to assign the vibrations to be assigned to a visual object and double clicking the image should stop the vibrations and record it as response to move onto the next trial.

I am trying ways to achieve this by assigning the vibrations to mouse.Click function.


Please could you show the code you’ve tried?

Recording a double click is tricky in PsychoPy. You would need to record the time of a mouse button pressed, then note it being not pressed and pressed again within a given time frame. It would be much easier to vibrate on hover and then stop on a click.


Thank you for replying. I have attached the folder containing the experiment. Is this helpful? (3.5 MB)

I also tried something else, but that did not work.

Would you need to create a slider function to create the hovering effect?

I use if objectName.contains(mouse) in a code component. I haven’t downloaded your zip file, so I haven’t seen what you’ve tried.