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Long delay when clic on clickable stimuli

I am working on a simple task offline where the participant needs to touch a blue square stimulus and then choose between two images. I want to run the experiment using python or the standalone version on a small touch tablet on windows 10 with an intel HD video card. I use psychopy v2021.1.4.
However, when I run the experiment, I need to do several clicks on clickable items to valid the selection. Here the link to the task on pavlova: Pavlovia
I do not understand why. Has anyone already had this problem?

Thank you very much for your help.

Are you talking about a touchscreen response, as opposed to a mouse click?

The touchscreen simulates a mouse click. And this problem also happens when I use classic mouse instead of touchscreen.

Hi, I have the same problem. I’m doing a test where you have to touch the smileys on the screen. With the mouse it works well, even online, but when I use it locally I have to touch the stimulus several times or for a long time. Have you solved it?

Hi There,

If you are using touch responses watching for a “hover” might be more effective.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Becca for the reply. I tried this solution, if I don’t find others I will adopt them.

@A_M : No I still not solve it, I try to reduce my experiment but nothing change
@Becca : Thank you very much Becca for the tips. However, I still have a very long delay, even larger than classic mouse response.
Here my builder file and images: 0000-05-0001-01
TI-task_noarduino.psyexp (65.5 KB)

Thank you very much for your help