Changing the degrees of amplitude and Hertz of vibrating stimuli

Is there a function or code to specify the amplitude and hertz of vibrating stimuli?

The task will run on tablets

E.g., two pairs of stimuli are presented. Participants are asked to place their left and right fingers on each image and need to decide which of the two images vibrated more. Each time a participant responds correctly, the vibration amplitude of stimuli increases by 2 amps.

Thank you

Did you try this method?


Yes, thank you for the suggestion. But this only specifies the duration of the vibrations.

You can use the vibration API:

It will give you the option to change the duration and patterns. I don’t think it’s possible to control the amplitude/intensity of the vibration. Maybe there are some tricks with Java, but I don’t see a method controlling it with Javascript (assuming you are using the tablet vibrations and not another device).

You can read about vibration intensity and its problems here:

And here:

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