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VESPR Demo Free Recall online

URL of experiment: free-recall [PsychoPy]

I’ve written a routine in 2020.2.10 which allows the free recall of up to 20 items (in the demo the correct answers are the numbers one to twenty). Arrow keys, mouse and backspace can be used for navigation, but not the edit keys (specifically delete).

I’ve got it working pretty well online but the formatting could do with some work locally.

This might well be superseded by the editable text box in the near future, but for now I’m happier with a coded solution.

Enjoy! I’m planning to add more public experiments to the same group in the near future.

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A collection of curated and well-developed experiments; niiiice! Might be handy to make some kind of index (or meta-index), then I can join in with my demos.

A Google doc has the advantage that editing rights can be easily managed.

We could have a dedicated discourse thread where everyone edits their own list of demos.

The PsychoPy documentation is good but I haven’t yet put effort into learning how to edit it.

A website would be too much effort to curate (unless it was a Google site).


I like the discourse thread; might help researchers find it

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How about like this:

I’ve used the markdown hash key for title font.

Cool. I’ll go collect my demos and add them.

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