Memory task. how to get feedback for total correct recalled items

hi I am new to PsychoPy and would appreciate some help.
I am trying to run a simple experiment.
first routine: 10 images are presented one at a time (staying on the screen for 0.5 secs)
second routine: ppts are asked to read numbers backwards in their head then press the spacebar
third routine: ppts are asked to free recall the image stimuli they were shown. (e.g. of they saw a picture of a doll in the study trial, they should write doll in the recall trial.)
last routine: feedback on how many images were recalled correctly out of the ten presented (and if possible time taken to recall these words).

my questions are: is it possible to get feedback for the number of correct images recalled and if so how can that be done. Also, can recall be all done in one textbox response or do they have to recall one image at a time?

Have a look at my Free Recall demo which gives serial and free recall scores for up to 20 items in two columns. The positions of the text boxes need some work for offline use.

hi thank you so much for your reply. Apologies because this is my first time ever using Psychopy which folder of yours should I look at ?

I am trying to figure out what routines I should add to free recall and the codes that I need for feedback.

I hope my question makes sense