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Vertical line appearing in between trials on pavlovia, not in psychopy (see vid)

URL of experiment code (still in pilot mode):

Vid of issue:

Description of the problem:
Hi, I’m relatively new to psychopy and could certainly use some help here. I have a visual search task programmed through the builder in psychopy that physically works just fine in both psychopy and on pavlovia. However, when it runs on Pavlovia, a vertical black line appears at the midline of the screen in between trials and I frankly have no idea why. I’ve played around with changing the actual content of my ITI text component to be blank spaces thinking it’s picking up something strange in JS from there to create the line that’s appearing, but to no avail. Any thoughts on what might be causing this and how to remedy it? The line doesn’t appear in between trials locally through psychopy, so I’m assuming it’s a strange translation error of something to JS, but I just am really not sure where it’s occurring. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Please could you show your ITI? It looks like it’s a tall thin polygon. I can’t think of why you might get a line like that without PsychoPy thinking you want one.

Thanks for your response! That made me go back and try just setting the opacity to 0 and it was as easy as that! Appreciate it.