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Version written in CSV file (1.85.Orc1) is drawn from psyexp file, not from current executable. Non-problem?

I’m running PsychoPy v3.0.0 under Windows 10. (I’ve never used or installed PsychoPy before.)

Here are the first two lines from the CSV file:


Hi @edcdave, what you have there is the version of PsychoPy that was originally used to create the demo task you are using (Stroop I think). If you begin a new creating a experiment in PsychoPy and compile the code, you should see psychopyVersion = '3.0.0' in the code.

Perhaps we could ask for both versions. I think the PsychoPy version used to run the experiment would be very important information for replication. Now that version 3.0.0 is released, the experimental results could be significantly different simply because the application was substantially modified.

Yes, this is a source of confusion - the demos could do with having their version number updated. However the demo will not actually use version 1.85.Orc1 because the useVersion function is not being called. If you did wish to use 1.85 you could select it from the Experiment Settings, and that version of PsychoPY will be downloaded from the Git repo and used to run the experiment. Otherwise, your experiment will be run using the latest version you have installed. I will have a look into getting this fixed so the actual version number is displayed, thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile:

I have raised an issue on GitHub if any new developers would like a low effort, first issue: