Various keys causing experiment to crash when running online

URL of experiment: HNP [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

The shift/comma/apostrophe keys work fine locally but when I run online if the participant presses one of those keys the experiment will no longer run. The image above is the code I used to allow a typed response for my participants. Any help is greatly appreciated!

The problem is that you’ve done your own JS coding rather than using the auto translate.

You can use code_JS to define event (as per my crib sheet)

The only bit that should need a manual override is .upper() being changed to .toUpperCase()

So are you saying I should keep the code I have and just add another JS code component with .toUpperCase() added? Should I keep what I have in my current code component or switch it to autotranslate?

Switch it to auto translate.

Then switch it back again.

Then change .upper on the JS side to .toUpperCase

You’re a lifesaver! It worked great, thank you!